Lockdown: Day 7 – ‘I Saw A Tiger’

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe, practising social distancing, staying at home and taking care of yourselves.

Lockdown Day 7 has, like these past few days, been fairly uneventful; at least from my vantage point. I would know a lot more if I went on Twitter and such, but I feel like my ‘impromptu’ break from social media is helping a little. Work has been going okay, although I feel like I made some serious mistakes today. I will find out tomorrow, so yeah. Hopefully, I did not mess up too bad.

Things, in terms of my mental health, have been better; slow, but better. I have been listening to more music, which is good. I have also been trying to play games some more. I have not had a passion for gaming like I used to. Maybe later this year when some more games come out. We will see.

So, there is this documentary on Netflix called Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. I saw it when it went online a few weeks ago but did not think much of it. Then all of a sudden this documentary is what everyone is talking about. I honestly did not even know it was a documentary. I saw it on Netflix and thought it was a comedy movie or something. I did not know anything about it and because it was trending, I decided to give it a look. I watched the first episode with my brother last night and wow, I honestly was not expecting that. This documentary is just… like… it is crazy, and I have only seen the first episode! I do not even know how to describe what it is about. Basically, it is about private zoos in America and how these owners are fighting against animal rights… it is insane. The sub-title of the documentary, Murder, Mayhem and Madness, truly describes this documentary.

One of the main people the documentary focuses on is Joe Exotic, owner of one of the private zoos the documentary focuses on. He is quite the character. There is so much about him that is fascinating, but I want to just talk about one thing. In addition to his passion for animals, he also released a few music albums. The first episode showed a snippet of one of his songs/music videos called I Saw A Tiger. I remember turning to my brother and saying, “Yo, this song slaps!” (basically, this means that the song is great).” I was reminded of the song today when I saw a meme of it on a contact of mine’s WhatsApp story. I went to listen to it on YouTube, and let us just say that this song has been on repeat all day. When the documentary revealed that he was also a musician, I expected his music to be awful, but this song is awesome! The video is… the video is just something else. In a half-joking, half-serious way, I think this is one of the best things I have seen all year. I will leave the song below if you want to check it out.

That is it from me. Please keep safe. Thank you all for reading and I will see you all in the next blog post.

Kind Regards,


2 thoughts on “Lockdown: Day 7 – ‘I Saw A Tiger’

    1. Haha it’s no problem. Tigers are awesome. This documentary does show how they can be exploited or mis-treated and I know this will make people mad because I was also mad, so just a little caution xx

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