Haunted by 13 “Fictional” Reasons

In 2017 a TV series released that sent shock-waves across the internet and the world. The series started conversations about suicide and mental health and if it was okay to discuss such serious topics in a fictionalized high school drama series. The series received polarizing reviews after the release of its first season, and continued …

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Anime Spotlight: Flying Witch

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I am feeling a little better. I want to thank you all for reading, commenting and sympathizing with what I am going through. It means so much to me. E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo officially begins next week, but some of the conferences start on …

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Thoughts From A Balcony #5: Maybe I Will Never Be Okay

Hello everyone. Before I move on to the blog post I want to clarify something. On my Contact page I put the wrong e-mail address because I am an idiot. I have fixed it now. The correct e-mail address is "beforetheblogstrikes12.gmail.com." If you sent me an e-mail before last week please send it again. I …

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