Anime Spotlight: Takunomi

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I know what you are thinking: “3 posts in quick succession?!?! Man, something must really be wrong.” Haha, I am okay… well, as okay as I can possibly be. I just feel like I have not written much this month, so I wanted to write a short post about an anime I found last year but re-visited these past few weeks: Takunomi.

Takunomi follows 20-year-old Michiru Amatsuki who has just moved to Tokyo to start her new job. She moves into a woman-only share house with three other women of varying ages and occupations: Makoto Kiriyama, barista and student; Nao Kiriyama, fashion designer and the older sister of Makoto; and Kae Midorikawa, wedding planner. Together, they will navigate life and have a good laugh with each other over various alcoholic drinks.

Takunomi is an extremely fun anime and is very short. There are only 12 episodes and each episode runs for approximately 12 minutes. Each character has a unique personality and you learn so much about Japanese alcohol. Even if you are not a big alcohol drinker, like me, it is still very interesting to learn about all the different alcohol brands and recipes in Japan. Check out the English trailer below if you want to get a better look at the show!


That is it for this one, and I believe that is it from me for July. I hope you all had a good month, and if not, I wish you all a better August. I wish you all the best and I will see you all in the next blog post.

Sincerely Yours,

9 thoughts on “Anime Spotlight: Takunomi

  1. My brother loves anime! I always think it’s so funny ’cause our rooms are across the hall from each other and if you come into our house you have Japanese blaring from one side and Korean blaring from the other hahaha. I always think it’s weird how we both ended up getting into similar types of things at the same time ’cause we never even spoke about it to each other, but I guess that’s sibling telepathy or something.
    Anyway, I’ve really been watching to watch an anime for a while now because I never have and I think I’d like it but I never know where to start (my brother can never really recommend me anything ’cause he’s into Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul etc.) I was thinking of watching Sailor Moon at one point ’cause I keep seeing that lil black cat everywhere and it’s the cutest thing 🥺 🥺 xx

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    1. Hey that is awesome your brother watches anime! I actually had no idea you had a brother… my bad. How old is he? What is his favorite music? What does he like to do for fun? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? (If you understand the reference of those last two questions, we are going to be best friends forever).

      Recommending anime to anyone is hard. My friend Max gets annoyed with me because he has recommended a lot of anime and I did not like majority of them. He says he can recommend music, games, movies and more to me, but when it comes to anime he gives up.

      I think Sailor Moon is a good place to start! It is a classic and I am sure you will like it. Everyone also loves Death Note. It is often considered as one of, if not the greatest anime of all time. I am honestly not a fan, but it has a lot of symbolism and meaning and the plot is very intriguing.

      It all depends on what you are interested in. I often tell people that your favorite TV show genres will greatly help you in finding an anime you will like. Let me know your interests and favorite genres and I will definitely get back to you!

      Wishing you all the best xx


      1. Hahaha I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about him on here so there’d be no way for you to know! He’s 16 in November and it’s like suddenly he’s just this really tall kid with a really deep voice and I’m like…how did that happen. He’s a really good kid, very similar to me in the sense that he likes English and writing, he’s currently teaching himself Japanese and I always think it’s funny ’cause he has exactly the same humour as me, which makes sense since we’ve obviously been raised the same way…by the same people but, I don’t know, he just gets it. He’s really funny.

        His room is also really cool, like some kind of modern museum. It used to be my room but when he was born I moved into the other room and that room has been his ever since (which is annoying ’cause I liked it sigh) but yeah, he has all these limited edition figurines and statues from The Walking Dead and Tokyo Ghoul and stuff, then he has all the box sets of the mangas on display and everything just looks really cool.

        I don’t know if any of this will make any sense and I’ve never tried to explain it before but I feel like if someone’s going to understand what I mean it’s probably you, so, there’s like this…feeling ?? thing ?? I really love about animes (Kpop kinda makes me feel the same way) where it just sets the mood and the setting really nice, you know like when it’s raining and it’s gloomy and but the scene is (drawn ?? animated ??) so nicely and it’s so cosy and I just…wanna live there. Like, I just wanna put myself inside that scene and live there forever because it feels so familiar to me and everything I could possibly want. Maybe I spend too much time daydreaming. Like, I just typed in anime rain scenery on google and now I’m screaming. Like pls, get me there. I saw an anime scene of this street the other day and almost combusted because it was so beautiful and I felt like in another life I probably lived there. So I think I’d quite like anime. But anyway…

        I don’t really know what I’m interested in…probably something quite aesthetic, nothing like Tokyo Ghoul or Death Note, probably nothing light or girlish either (hello can you tell I’m depressed), I think something relatable (is anime relatable ??) set in like…a city or a school or…idk.IDK I’m too picky pls don’t feel obliged to accommodate me I’m hard to cater for hahaha💜

        p.s. that reference…hyfr?👀

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      2. Oh man that is so cool that his room is full of stuff like that! I wish I had memorabilia and cool stuff like that too, but I have this weird condition where money just disappears as soon as it comes into my possession. Like honestly. I swear. I have no idea how it happens. If we are standing next to each other and you give me $5 (I was looking for the Pounds symbol, but my keyboard is set to US I am sorry) and you turn your head for two seconds and turn back, the money will be gone. It is crazy.

        I like how you two have similar personalities! Yeah I can understand with the growing up fast thing, although I am the youngest in my family. I have cousins who I used to play tease when we were younger and now they are taller than me. Life comes at you fast Chlo…

        I completely understand how Kpop makes you feel. I understand how it makes you feel lighter as well. It is like this bright side of your personality you can experience when you are not deep withing trying to figure out the real identities of the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper haha… (I may or may not be kidding but I am genuinely invested in figuring out who they really were).

        Hmmmm… may I recommend an anime called Violet Evergarden? It is not a school anime, but it is definitely beautiful and calm, and the music is amazing. It tells a very down-to-earth story about personal discovery and I think you may like it. Check out the first episode. The entire series is available on Netflix if you have it.

        p.s. YESSSSS!!!! Haha it is funny because I am not the biggest Drake fan, but my friends and I have this inside joke thing where if we find ourselves asking a lot of questions in succession we then add those lyrics from “HYFR”.” It all came from this meme about someone ordering a sandwich from Subway haha. I am pretty sure you and your friends are also like this, but my friends and I speak almost exclusively in memes.

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      3. Wow, you know, I think we may possibly be suffering from the same condition…isn’t that strange! One minute the money is there and the next? Gone. No idea where it goes.

        You’re 100% right – Kpop distracts me from trying to figure out all of the murder mystery & disappearance videos I watch on the daily, I’m seriously obsessed with those things. So interesting, but not in an entertainment way, just in a…who? what? when? where? HOW? way. There’s so much unknown out there in the world and most of it we’ll never truly find out, which is a haunting thought.

        You may definitely recommend Violet Evergarden (and thank you for recommending something that’s on Netflix because that’s a streaming platform I do actually have hahaha) – what did you think of it? (I take it you’ve seen it…unless you’re just recommending it because you think it’s something I’d be into as oppose to you in which case ignore everything I’ve said because I probably sound like a dummy).

        It’s actually embarrassing how much of my vocabulary is…a meme, or a vine reference. I swear I don’t speak in anything else, and my humour is really weird and too much most of the time so I’m on that level of like…level 9 internet meme haha, it takes a very specific type of person to get my humour! I can never figure out if that’s a good thing or not, possibly I am just incredibly weird and need to tone down my sarcasm and dark humour but…how else am I going to get through life??

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  2. I have watched Violet Evergarden, although not all of it but most of it. It is such a beautiful anime, especially in terms of the story, music and animation. It is really heartfelt and down-to-earth. It is a shame because the anime was made by Kyoto Animation, or KyoAni, and I do not know if you heard about the anime studio that was burnt down as a result of an arson attack in Japan last month, but that was KyoAni. It is such a shame because they have made some of the most amazing anime ever. I wish I was able to donate to the Gofundme in their honor.

    If you end up checking out the first episode, let me know how you found it. You can tell me if you thought it was absolutely horrible. It is kind of a slow-burn in that it is a lot of talking. There is little-to-no action in it as far as I can remember, I watched it last year haha.

    Wishing you all the best xx

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  3. This show sounds really good 💖👍 I just saw the trailer and I really liked it! I love Spirit Away and all those movies. I have them all at home. Love this post! I hope you are okay and know that I’m here for you xxxx

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