Anime Spotlight: Hoozuki no Reitetsu (Hozuki’s Coolheadedness)

Hello everyone. It has certainly been a while since I just spoke to you all. I hope you are all doing well. I have written a couple of short story/experimental pieces just to exercise my creative writing. I hope you all got a chance to read them. Kindly let me know what you did and did not enjoy about them so I can improve. I want to take a brief break from these short story pieces and talk about anime as I have not done that in a while. If you have not read my first “Anime Spotlight” post yet and you would like to give it a peek, you can find it here. For this blog post I want to talk about another anime I have been enjoying since November called Hoozuki no Reitetsu, or Hozuki’s Coolheadedness in English. I discovered this anime while I was looking for something relaxing to watch.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu takes place in the Japanese version of Hell (yep, you read that right) and showcases all the different regions that encompass the underworld. The main character of the anime is the demon ogre Hozuki who works as the Chief of Staff to King Enma, the King of Hell. Hozuki is a serious-minded as well as an incredibly focused person who works incredibly hard to make sure that Hell runs as smoothly as possible. The situations that Hozuki has to deal with are incredibly hilarious and entertaining. The supporting characters are all lively and fun and each have their own reasons and backstories for being in Hell. The music fits very well with the hilarity that ensues on screen, and the visual style is colorful and expertly done. Each character is visually distinct from each other and remembering everyone is very easy.

I have actually learnt a lot about what Japanese Hell is and how it works. There are also some recognizable characters like Beelzebub who make appearances throughout the anime. The anime currently has two seasons. You do not really have to follow the anime in sequence: you can pick episodes at random and jump around and still have a lot of fun with it. Check out the trailer below which features the various characters and various hysterical scenarios that you will encounter in the anime.


Thank you all for reading. I have been battling with my demons again and that has prevented me from working on my thesis. That, coupled with the fact that I am seeing my friends graduating this month is really not helping my mental state, but I will be fine. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you in the next blog post.

Sincerely Yours,


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